Five Facebook marketing strategies to boost your Ecommerce business

Facebook is one of the prominent social media platforms that were introduced way back in 2004. Today, Facebook is not only used as a means of socialization among family members and friends but also to promote brands. Yes! Facebook ad is a phenomenal source of marketing as the site holds over 2 billion online users with active status.

However, it is not an effortless job. For instance, advertising on Facebook is not acquired by one or two companies, but hundreds of them. Thus, the presence of competitor brands on Facebook is common. Do yousee why strategized Facebook advertisement is an entirely different subject of marketing intellect?

At RedCubePixel we tried and tested a number of tactics, providing our clients with exhaustive facebook marketing. We present five different Facebook ads strategies to improve your eCommerce business reach and sales online. Take a glimpse of five important aspects of Facebook marketing amongst many others:

1) Target a strict category of Audience

Facebook is a whole another world or you can call it “parallel universe.” Hence, its users can be categorized into active users and non-active users. Further, data mining can help in sub-categorizing users into those who make purchases online and others. Depending upon your product, you can further sub-sub categorize the online purchasers according to gender, age, and income distribution. Now, the final targeting starts. If your brand is promoting men’s shoes, you can deduct women from a targeted audience. Using such a strategy, you can send Facebook ads to those timelines who would be interested in your product.

2) Content Recycling

Recycling is an advanced level of becoming cost-effective in real life as well as on promoting eCommerce business on Facebook. On social media, you may have promoted different contents which have caught the attention of the users in the past. Similar content can be recycled and used in the form of a Facebook ad. It will reduce the advertisement budget by 20% to 30% and help your company’s financial position to grow.

3) Improve conversion rate

When it comes to eCommerce platforms, customers usually abandon carts after adding the products to it. Such activity from customers’ end reduces the conversion rate at fastest. Thus, eCommerce experts suggest an optimum utilization of carts produced and remind the customers to purchase from time to time. You can send customized ads to the user’s Facebook feed along with a discounted deal and help them to interact with your brand once again. It will also bring a re-visit to your eCommerce platform/website/application and produce a source of revenue for the company.

4) Optimum utilization of customer’s searching history

When a customer visits an online shopping site, he/she left a searching history behind. It can be a great source of information for customized Facebook ads. For instance, if the customer’s data shows you a searching history for “women pants,” you can simply drop an ad of viewed products on the site and allow the customer to interact with the product once again. In the same manner, purchasing history of the customer provides an idea on what kind of products that customer may buy in the future.

5) Collaborate with social media Influencers

Social media is a powerful marketing object. Today, online bloggers, models, and celebrities have fan-following in millions. Thus, collaborating with these influencers can lead your eCommerce platform to an entire another level of success. You can promote your brand/products in the form of Facebook ads posted on the influencer’s Facebook page.  The ad will automatically reach on the timeline of millions of users and customer engagement in thousands becomes a possibility.


On one hand, where customers still enjoy shopping at malls and local shops, eCommerce platforms still engage with millions of users on daily basis as online shopping save times and money as well. So, now is not the time to stress upon how to promote a product through a Facebook ad but just do it with a well-thought strategy.


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