How to plan a Google Ads (PPC) Campaign?


RedCubePixel Google Ads (PPC) Basics

 PPC Marketing is one of the most prominent marketing strategies that is blowing up the internet from the past few years and nowadays it is the holy grail of digital marketing. Earlier, brands had to suffer through a handful of expenses for applying the online marketing strategies without putting much hope into expected results. However, pay-per-click is the solution. Google as a search engine is ubiquitous and when users search for brands or keywords the ads (Display, Text etc.) play a vital role, fetching more traffic and leads on your website.

This article will give you some of the basic tips and insights pertaining to Google PPC as well as other search engines

Introduction to PPC or Pay-per-Click Campaign

Pay-per-click is abbreviated as PPC in the business industry. It is an online marketing model that allows the website, online service providers or online retailers to ‘purchase’ the traffic on their respective sites. In simple words, the company pays the search engine for forwarding online users to its website via an advertisement. Undoubtedly, PPC is an exceptional way of pulling online customers to the website but a PPC Campaign demands a handful of research and intellectual set up to attain the expected results.

Here is a guide manual on how to plan a successful PPC Campaign:

Advertisement Draft: Be Creative!

Ad copy is demanded before you present an advertisement on the screens of a worldwide audience. Keywords play a significant role in the creation of Advertisement drafts. Marketing strategist suggests presenting a different number of ad copies containing the same set of keywords.

However, advertisement creation is not as easy as it sounds. Hence, three advertisement creation in a given period could be an impossible task to perform as the creator requires maintaining the quality of the advertisement as well. In such a situation, here is an exclusive set of solutions—

Modification of previously created content

What takes less time but the good quality will still be maintained? The answer is the improvement of what’s already been created! For instance, if your ads are representing ethnic clothing, introduce the customers to the discounted category of clothes via modifying the previous advertisement into a sales one.

Limited Ad variations

Times are gone when Google combines all the characters, creates an infinite number of ad variations and make the job of the advertiser a little more complex. Today, search ads have been limited to three headlines and two descriptions to provide the customer with a significant message. Undoubtedly, it makes the advertisement text short and crisp and allows the customer to pay attention without being too hard on reading. See how Google has modified itself for the marketing benefit!

Watch your Competitor

Creativity has no extent; however, an advertiser can surely run out of ideas when it comes to promoting a single product or brand via advertisement. In such a situation, your competitors can turn out to be your biggest insight into new ideas.

There are different online ads tools which help in finding out different advertisement concerning the same category of products and services. For instance, if you are promoting cars via PPC Campaign, search for the car ads by keywords, or domain.

Eliminate the set of Negative Keywords

On one hand, where positive keywords improve the traffic on website through PPC Campaign, negative keywords can create an opposite impact. However, it does not mean that negative keywords should not be used but they must be adjusted in an advertisement in a way that the ad would be a solution for the customer rather than a problem.

A better solution to this keyword complexion is, maintaining a list into two categories: positive and negative keywords. It will help the advertiser to keep in mind “what’s not working for the benefit of the website.” Alongside, negative keywords do not only lead to losing traffic but also cause loss of revenue.

It is noteworthy to mention that the promotion of multiple products through the pay-per-click campaign can include too many potential keywords and intellectual use of keywords into heading and description is a significant task.

Mobile PPC Campaign is an effective technique

Do you know that Google is highly optimized for searching eCommerce platforms, lately introduced brands and products? Statistics state that over 70% of the worldwide audience on Google come from Smartphone. Thus, why not utilize the power of Mobile PPC Campaign? Micro-moments are an important factor when it comes to mobile integration as Google search from mobile and desktop results into different pages and content. For instance, if you are promoting headphones through PPC Campaign, Google Ads should be set to buy headphones from your mobile or iPhone or Smartphone. 

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages can help in setting up your Google Ad copy for mobile users. It ensures that the ad format is accurate to appear on mobile screens of an international or national audience.

Pay-per-Click Campaign is an exceptional marketing method that allows the beginners of AdWords to learn and gain marketing experience. PPC undoubtedly demands investment, however, it may go useless if PPC Strategy is not intellectually developed.  Follow RedCubePixel for your dose of digital marketing insights. 

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