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RedCubePixel’ Pay-Per-Performance (PPP) Model

What is PPP?… 

It is a compensation model in which digital marketing charges are based on performance metrics. It is a ROI driven model which is very beneficial to clients.

We are confident in our team of digital experts, and have proven track record to back up our claims of experience and performance. That’s why we’ve taken a bet on ourselves, and have done what very few marketing agencies have done before – offer digital marketing services on a pay-per-performance basis to preferred clients.

Well… Here it is… We charge a flat fee of  ₹25,000/Monthly, India or $800/Monthly, US and UK,  for the first three months, then an additional 10% commission after three months on any sales / deals / cases that close from our efforts after that.  KPI’s and our contribution and Statement Of Work (SOW) is established before moving further for clarity. We do establish a cap so that all paid commissions are kept reasonable and fair, and are open to negotiating this on a per-client basis. Each client’s campaign is evaluated individually based off their goals, needs and ability. If we’ll be unable to work on budget you’re seeking, we’ll advise you on your options.  We are open to negotiating this on a per-client basis

Through our End to End reporting of our campaigns. You will know through our tracking which campaigns or effort generated what amount of revenue

If we can’t help you solve that issue, we are open to working with clients on a pay-per-qualified lead basis. In this model, we will work with you to determine the value of a lead (based on average order value and close rate), and set up a custom agreement that both parties are comfortable with.

How’s that for transparency?

We gave you pricing that doesn’t change based on your budget, industry or company size, and we did it without making you request a quote

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